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A Quickie With Multicam - Systems

Lundi 25 Février 2019

Video Content for Radio? The answer is YES! It is no secret that visual content production is on the rise. With social media platforms also aiding this growth.


A Quickie With … MultiCam- Systems


Camera's in radio studios have become an integral part of additional content creation.  Video content increases traffic, leads and time spent on your website. Radio stations can then retain an audience beyond on air, and beyond just audio.

Radio stations the world over are placing more emphasis on live and recorded video.

Radio and visual content work together to reach a wider audience on multiple platforms.

Multicam-systems provide radio stations [ amongst other entities]  with live video production software that allows for live streaming and recording,  easily.

Watch the " A Quickie With " interview our journalist Andy Leve had with Stan Walbert from MultiCam -Systems France.

Andy Leve
Andy Leve is an Independent South African Television Producer, Radio Host and Producer and... En savoir plus sur cet auteur

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