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A Quickie With SOUND4

Lundi 25 Février 2019

Overall SOUND consistency enriches the listening experience. How do radio stations ensure that they stand out from the crowd?
There are many answers to this question, but the SOUND quality is definitely at the top of the list of answers.

Broadcast engineering is technological ARTISTRY. This is evident in the way in which audio processing is used for radio.

 On-air processing is advantageous to radio stations as it creates a holistic audio consistency for listeners. This ranges from the way the presenters sound, to the rich quality of the music and jingles. 

Audio processors add that punch, warmth and inviting edge.

Watch this “A Quickie With “ interview our journalist Andy Leve did with Vincent Defertin from Sound 4 France. 

HEAR AND SEE how they do it. 

Andy Leve
Andy Leve is an Independent South African Television Producer, Radio Host and Producer and... En savoir plus sur cet auteur

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