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Registration for WorldDAB Automotive 2019 is now open

Mardi 7 Mai 2019

WorldDAB's Automotive conference will be taking place on 20 June in Turn, Italy. The focus of this years event will be digital radio for Italian drivers, European developments and the European Electronics Communication Code , and the advancements being made in radio in the car.

The development of digital radio is different in each market in Europe, even though the cars being driven across Europe are not. One of the key areas that will be discussed at the conference will be the collaboration of the automotive industry with broadcasters.
There are differences in digital radio development across European countries, despite there being no differences in the cars being driven.
Each country that is rolling out DAB+ has a national organisation that provides information to the car manufacturers, however, the automotive industry want only one point of contact. 
This conference will address the latter and also answer questions around where connected listening is taking place and what that means for the driver. 
The driver wants radio to be a seamless experience that offers content, relevant information and as little distraction as possible.
Car manufacturers want a radio performance that exceeds FM but also need information on the screens for the driver. The conference will also look at how broadcasters and car manufactures are working together to achieve these goals. 

With the conference being held in Italy, there will be a session that focuses on the efforts being done by the Italian regulator, broadcasters, and network operators to ensure that digital radio is successful in Italy.
The Italian car market will be the first outside Norway to go digital in line with the Italian digital radio legislation , which comes into effect on 1 January 2020. 

Car manufacturers and broadcasters alike have a vested interest in the performance of radio in cars. As such, there will be a session presenting the results of studies that have been carried out across different markets. Manufacturers will also discuss 5G and its impact on listening in the car. 

Speakers at the conference include Joe D'Angelo , Senior Vice President , Broadcast Radio, Xperi Inc, Patrick Hannon, President, WorldDAB, Martin Koch, Head of Development Multimedia Audi AG , Michael Hill, Managing Director, Radioplayer , Eugenio La Teana, Head of Research and Development, RTL 102.5 Hit Radio, Joan Warner, CEO, Commercial Radio Australia and Nick Piggott, Project Director, Radio DNS. 

For more information  and to register to attend the conference go to 


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