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WorldDAB's in-car UX Design Guidelines

Lundi 3 Juin 2019

WorldDAB has published a user experience (UX) design guideline document for motor manufacturers and broadcasters alike , that details how to deliver " the best listener experience in the car". The documents findings are based on research conducted in five countries.

The countries that the research took place in are Germany, UK, France, The Netherlands and Belgium. The WorldDAB in-car UX group was formed in 2016 to improve the user interface for in -car digital radios .

The other objectives are :
  • Produce collaborative broadcast/car manufacturer user interface design guidelines
  • Identify and implement the collaboration required between broadcasters and car manufacturers to improve and innovate UI design
  • Understand how future technology will impact on UI design
This is the second version of the UX guidelines which shows some of the feedback  received from car manufacturers. 
  • Please note that this is an ongoing project to help improve the user experience of DAB digital radio in-car
Some of the findings include :
  • drivers expect a simple user experience
  • A radio button is essential to access DAB easily and quickly
  • An A-Z search list is the preferred search method UX 
  • Pre-sets should be easy to set and the process must be consistent and explained
  • easier terminology
view or download the document here

At the moment, WorldDAB UX Group is focused on continuing engagement with OEMs to help support the UX design, good DAB performance, and supporting the introduction of Hybrid radio and voice technology to enhance and improve the radio experience in connected cars.

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