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Way to Go radio - European Radio Show - Joe D'Angelo - XPERI

Vendredi 22 Février 2019

Xperi and DTS are working towards greater innovation when it comes to listening to DAB+ in the car.

The roll-out of DAB +  is also seeing technological modifications being made to ensure that the listener experience is as trouble-free as possible.  

2018 was an important year for the development of DAB+ in France. 
 December 2018 saw  DAB+ being launched in Strasbourg and Lyon, with over 40 DAB+ radio stations going on air in those areas. Other regions that launched DAB + include,  Paris, Marseille, Nice and Lille. These switches now mean that 21.3 per cent of the  French population has DAB+ coverage.

This coincides with the EU's new European Electronic Communications Code launched in November 2018.  This code states that all new cars sold in the European Union have to have radios that are equipped with digital radio receivers within two years.  France is catching up on its deployment in Europe.

Xperi and DTS 's Connect Radio technology provides the listener with more options to make the listening experience engaging and interactive.  Through this technology, the listener will know what is being played on the station that they are listening to and also use voice commands for heightened participation.  

Watch the interview our journalist, Andy Leve had with Xperi's Vice President: Broadcast, Joe D'Angelo to find out more about these advancements. 

Andy Leve
Andy Leve is an Independent South African Television Producer, Radio Host and Producer and... En savoir plus sur cet auteur

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