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Dimanche 3 Novembre 2019

Valerie Geller is the president of Geller Media International, a broadcast consulting firm working with news, talk, information and personality programming for radio and television internationally.
Geller leads “Creating Powerful Communicators” workshops and seminars, coaches talent and has consulted at over 500 stations in 31 countries . Geller is the author of four broadcasting books.

What are some of the key outcomes that you have learned since the release of your first book, "Creating Powerful Radio”?  

Powerful radio methods work. If people use them, they grow audiences, time spent listening and strengthen performance.
It's been such a pleasure to watch this work make its way around the world, and allow broadcasters and communicators everywhere the tools to get to the next level of performance. These methods also work for broadcasting and podcasting, our new canvas, which is very very exciting.

Please elaborate on the steps that you deem the pillars of creativity?

The four steps are : focus, engage, opinion/position, storytelling. This breaks down the creative process in an organised way and is one specific  "recipe" or formula to help broadcasters organise their thoughts and help each achieve peak presentation performance.
In my book Beyond Powerful Radio, there's a section on how to find and develop your topics. It's easy to find things to talk about on a busy news day when there is a lot going on, not so much on a dull day. 
The topics that are good to discuss are health and safety topics, emotional topics, and money and power. It is important to look at what is in this for the listener - how is his/her life better in some way because of something they heard on your show.

It is quite telling that you focus on burnout in your book Beyond Powerful Radio, why did you find it important to highlight that topic?

Artists and most creative, sensitive or talented people are vulnerable to this. You burnout when you empty the bucket of your creative spirit and juice. When you do repetitive tasks that you do not enjoy. When you stop growing, when you are no longer challenged or it is no longer fun. 
When this happens, you must stop and take a look at your life. Are you using your skill set?  Do you have goals and are you achieving them? Are the people in your life encouraging and nurturing to you?
Then make a decision. This is your one and only life. Make it count.
A new place, new adventure, new people - communicators can work in many fields, most can also write, teach, work in TV, radio or film - digital media - the opportunities are endless. As a  communicator you work in the "story" business and you can find ways to use your skills, where you can grow, learn and expand your life and your world.
The success paradigm for ALL fields is "Learn, do, Teach... Then learn something else".  When it stops being fun, if you are able, stop, and do something else for a bit.

How do radio hosts remain consistently engaging and "never be boring “ as you so famously put it?

One of the secrets of success is: Work hard. Stay engaged. Make everything matter. When in doubt, leave it out...
NEVER LET YOURSELF become bored. Bored is BORING.

In this digital age, how can sales people still ensure that radio spots and advertising targets are met?

The first step is to know what the clients goals are, and can your particular radio station  or group serve those needs and reach the target that the advertiser needs to reach? 
Then, can you deliver? When creating the ad, apply all the powerful radio principles.
Use visual language, make it fun or interesting, always show why someone should listen to this and what the product or service can do for the listener.

Tips on being consistent as a host and retaining audience?

Tell the truth; make it matter and NEVER BE BORING.  Always remember that it is always about the listener. Every topic should start with, "here's why you need to listen to this."
And talk to one person at a time. NEVER plural. Never the group. Always ONE to ONE.

Why is it necessary to develop young talent and also nurture the more experienced talent ?

You need both. Youth bring fresh energy and excitement and new interests, older experienced people are golden in that they have background, judgment and life on the bones. 

What are some tips of the trade that you would give content producers to ensure that they make content that lives beyond the on air moment?

Telling powerful stories. Stories always work, always.

In a time where the product is not only the radio show but across the online space as well, how important is it for radio hosts and stations alike, to market and cross pollinate content?

Hosts and radio stations need to be where the audience is. This includes the various social media platforms.
Hosts and radio stations need to be everywhere and to create multiple versions of the content that they produce, for the various platforms that the audiences interact on. It is important to tell the same story but present it differently depending on the platform you are on.  

Geller is a former program director of WABC in New York, executive producer of KFI in Los Angeles and news director of K-101 in San Francisco. She has also worked as a talk host at KOA in Denver and several other stations. Geller has also served as an elected board member of the Associated Press and the Radio & TV News Directors Association.

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