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Podcasting news and views with James Cridland

Jeudi 13 Juin 2019

James Cridland is a consultant, conference speaker , writer and radio futurologist. Not only does Cridland lend his voice to various publications he also runs the and the platform.

Podcasting news and views with James Cridland
According to as of June 2019 , there are currently over 750 000 podcasts with over 30 million episodes.

The USA , is the country that consumes the most podcast content with 51 % of the US population having listened to a podcast. 22 % of podcast listening occurs in the car and 49 % takes place in the house.
Statistics from the US also show that men listen to podcast the most. In terms of genre , comedy leads the pack as the most consumed genre followed by education and news. 

The United Kingdom, Canada and Sweden also have high podcast consumption rates, with English content being the most popular. 

Cridland states that the podcast is in fact complimentary to radio and not "the enemy" of the medium. 
"Podcasting is the prince or princess , as it allows radio audiences to continue to interact with content". 
He further adds that the podcast is the "refashioning of audio", as radio stations can use the podcast as a means to "declutter" what occurs on air, therefore allowing there to be more focused on air moments.  This "decluttering" also provides stations with the opportunity to provide audiences with on demand access. 

Cridland started in June 2017, and the website serves as a unique way to contextualise the unique podcast industry. It is here where Cridland curates a host of information ranging from getting your podcast on Google Home, adding a payment link to your podcast and industry news.  

Broadcasters are spending more time advertising on air and Cridland states that podcasts can be used as part of marketing for brands and audiences. As audiences discover more podcasts that they like, it appears to have a negative affect on radio consumption.

Radio stations can sell advertising on their terrestrial footprint as well as in podcasts. Cridland sights an Australian example where NOVA have partnered with Acast and SCA is responsible for PodcastOne properties and in the UK, Global is producing "best of" podcasts. 

He further adds that many radio companies have yet to maximise on podcasting. Radio stations can hire out their studios, content creators can be nurtured and commissions can be earned on adverts and sponsors. This is what Cridland refers to as "reformatting broadcast audio", where the opportunity to create non-broadcast content, in the form of a podcast, is lucrative. 

When it comes to structuring the podcast  Cridland quotes Valerie Geller who says;  " there is no such thing as too long - just too boring" . 
In terms of stylistic choices, there are elements that can be used to enhance the podcast. Anecdotes including applying journalistic principals such as intricate research,  setting the scene , sound design and to add to the narrative.  

The podcasting world is ever evolving , and radio can benefit from this "new wave". 

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