The pull of outside broadcasting

Mardi 22 Septembre 2020

To be heard, you have to be seen! Beyond the simple shopfront of your studios, leading out onto what is inevitably a very busy thoroughfare, today's radio, and even more so that of tomorrow, has everything to gain from showing its face and jostling for place in the world outside. The tools now available allow you to do so with ever greater ease, and ever more effectively...

Any opportunity to step outside the studio is worth taking, and the more visible you make yourself, the closer the relationship between your station and its listeners grows. Break free of confinement to premises as often as possible to strengthen this vital connection. There are many opportunities at all times: a journalist on a motor scooter making a regular traffic report, on-location reporting from a sports or cultural event, or perhaps even thinking about creating a temporary studio in an extraordinary location. Every conceivable method of getting out there to meet your listeners is now technically possible, with or without face mask.

The days of travelling about with heavy consoles, unrolling endless lengths of cable or having to set up a power supply are over… The lockdown introduced in Spring proved that radio still had further reserves to draw on. It demonstrated its ability to react very rapidly without needing to heft about a lot of heavy technical equipment. Thanks to the expertise of the constructeurs, you can now broadcast from (almost) anywhere. Radio has become particularly nimble compared to the behemoths of the web that you will only very rarely find out on a street corner. This is the strength of radio – a strength multiplied tenfold when it's a matter of responding to a crisis: radio show hosts, commentators, journalists, technical staff – everyone rose to the challenge of maintaining the continuity of programmes.

Lessons need to be learnt from this difficult and unexpected period. We should applaud the manufacturers, the integrators, the suppliers of goods and services, who have formed the foundation stones of this response: teleworking. Many radio professionals are continuing to maintain the continuity of programmes from their home and you might even say that this period has proved to be quite inspiring to many of us. This is also the goal of this "Total Remote" special edition, which aims to highlight and collect together the tools for ensuring that radio, whether broadcast from home or on location, will always be seen as a responsive and trustworthy section of the media.


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