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La Lettre Pro de la Radio launches The Radio Letter at the RAIN summit in Berlin

Mercredi 3 Octobre 2012

This Friday 5 October, Editions HF launch the international version of La Lettre Pro de la Radio at the first RAIN Summit to be held in Europe, taking place in Berlin.

La Lettre Pro de la Radio launches The Radio Letter at the RAIN summit in Berlin

La Lettre Pro, which is a partner of this event, invites you to read the first 100% English-language edition of The Radio Letter.

After the edition already issued during the RadioDays Europe event in March 2012, and in response to high demand, Editions HF took the decision to translate and publish a monthly magazine with the goal of providing information to the largest possible number of international radio market professionals.

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 La Lettre Pro de la Radio, which is already highly valued by French speakers, is continuing its development by launching "The RADIO Letter" at the RAIN Summit in Berlin. A pilot version of this 12-page magazine, due to be published in both a paper version and in PDF form, will be distributed at the RAIN Summit, Europe, devoted to online radio, at which the prestigious speakers come from all over Europe and the United States.  

The RAIN Summit conferences, organised by Kurt Hansson and Jennifer Lane, are highly valued by the Americans and today represent a key meeting of online radio professionals.

If you wish to attend this event, The Radio Letter will give you a great discount of 20% off the price of entry, when you use the LLP code for your registration.

Link to the RAIN Summit 2012

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