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Vendredi 11 Mars 2016

You can now download and read the special edition of The Radio Letter in english a few days before the launch of Radiodays Europe 2016. Fell free to download, print and share!

Radiodays in the most beautiful city in the world
For the first time in its young history, Radiodays Europe is making a stop in France and has chosen the Palais des Congrès in Paris to fashion the shape of radio in the future. "Creating the Future" will in fact be the central theme of the 3 days featuring some of the big names of radio arriving from the four corners of the earth. An inspired and inspiring Radiodays show!

Can you laugh about anything on the radio?
Has the context created following the attacks of January and November 2015 changed the way entertainment programmes are produced on the radio? "No", reply the great stars of the FM music shows, together in unison. The state of shock led to some rather out of the ordinary programmes in the immediate aftermath of the tragic events. Cauet, Manu, Bruno and Pascal Gigot look back on these events from the music radio point of view.

Brandy, the haute couture of branding
From its Brussels studios Brandy’s team supplies the radios of Europe and the whole world with their branding and jingles: high-end positioning sought by radios that want to mark themselves out from their competitors by using original and exclusive creations. After 12 years in business Brandy describes itself as the haute-couture producer of jingles.
Our listeners are the product
The extremely fast digitalization of our world hits the radio industry from all sides. Kids consume digital music files and digital music feeds. Streamers program music via complex algorithms based on big data. The online digital advertising world is based on hyper targeting and microseconds auctions sales. How can we compete?

The man 3 million french people woke up to
to him in their pyjamas, he always turns up in front of the microphone impeccably presented. Six years after taking up the 7-9 am slot at France Inter, Patrick Cohen has become France’s top morning show host, ahead of Yves Calvi, Jean-Jacques Bourdin and Thomas Sotto. Since the start of his career in local radio, the journalist has never spent much time far from the microphone or from the air waves. Interview with a diehard news enthusiast.

It’s time to lose our transmitter mindset
As a potter working with clay, you’ve always wanted to run your own store. Over a few years, you slowly make enough pieces. You work hard on the store design, and you get some friends over to make the place look great. You get the lighting just right for your work. And, finally, you open the store. It remains open for a whole day - and at closing time you smash up all your stuff and sweep it into a big plastic bag, shove it in the dustbin, and go home, dreaming of the day when you’ll have a shop again.

Bel RTL: an innovative radio-vision strategy
Bel RTL is a subsidiary of RTL Belgium, part of the RTL Group, owned by the German press group Bertelsmann. Bel RTL, a pioneer in the field of filmed radio since 2009, took a new step in innovation in September 2015 by broadcasting its programmes in radio-vision, incorporating a process created by the young French business, MultiCam Systems.

The studio that’s 100 % made in France
21 Juin Productions has made a name for itself in the production of French-style jingles. Chosen by several adultstargeted national networks, the teams emphasise their location and their French-style products from their headquarters in Paris. It’s a strategy that’s been crowned with success as two new producers have come to join the team to develop more youth-orientated music formats.

The most influential woman in radio
Valerie Geller evangelises the world of radio with her counsel. This American former journalist, producer and programme director can claim to have worked in almost 500 radio stations in 31 countries. This month she is bringing out her best-seller "Puissance Radio" (Beyond Powerful Radio) in French on the occasion of RadioDays Europe in Paris, where she is due to host a much anticipated conference session. We meet her.

Why do French radio listeners zap?
Which radio content leads to the greatest zapping risks? HyperWorld, specialized in radio studies, carried out an investigation to try to bring in elements responding to this question that worries all radio managers.

The smart approach to music scheduling
ON AIR, its international distributor, presents it as the most powerful music programming tool on the market: MusicMaster, a very popular software system. The company headed by Rainer Eichhorn and Thomas Roth, which is a premium partner of Radiodays Europe, is confident of being able to convince the world’s radio stations and music TV channels that it’s the right choice to make. Thomas Roth explains to us why MusicMaster is the programming software you need.

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